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 Interactive Element 

Handle Medication Contingencies 


  • Report any concerns with the administration of medication to supervisor and/or health professional 

  • Identify, report, record and address individual’s reactions to medication according to health professional’s instructions

  •  Identify, report and record changes in individual’s condition, within essential timeframes where relevant

  • Identify procedures to address/respond to changes in the client’s condition or needs 

  • Promptly report any inconsistencies observed with the medication or client to the supervisor or health professional and take action according to their direction

  • Document and address all inconsistencies


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+ optional custiom edits $199AUD 


 Video Package  

Transform written content into stimulating and engaging video

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Certificate III in Retail 

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  • Low - medium interactive content​

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  • Video content

  • Graded tests

  • Workplace scenario 

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